Actresses W-Z


Catherine Wadkins (General Hospital)

Kristina Wagner (General Hospital)- c/o GH (NLOTS); Sent-8/15/02; Received-12/6/02; 8x10 sp (unrequested 8x10 sp arrived on 6/9/03)

Natasha Gregson Wagner (The 4400)- Inkworks The 4400 Season 2 signed trading card

Becky Wahlstrom (Joan of Arcadia)- c/o Joan of Arcadia (show cancelled); Sent-3/29/04; Received-4/19/04; 8x10 isp

Julie Walters (Harry Potter Series)- Artbox Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince Update signed trading card

Susan Walters (Young & the Restless)- Daytime Unites signed t-shirt

Jess Walton (Young & the Restless)- Daytime Unites signed t-shirt

Emma Watson 1 (Harry Potter series)- c/o Harry Potter Productions (ALOTS); Sent-6/1/07; Received-6/22/07; 8x10 pp; note (sent $2 for postage)
Emma Watson 2- Artbox Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix signed trading card

Patty Weaver (Young & the Restless, Days of Our Lives)- Daytime Unites signed t-shirt

Sigourney Weaver (Ghostbusters)- Purchased from Creation Entertainment; 8x10 sp

Maura West (As the World Turns, Young & the Restless)- c/o Young & the Restless (NLOTS); Sent-10/16/10; Received-7/23/11; 5x7 pp

McKenzie Westmore (Passions)- c/o Passions (show cancelled); Sent-9/29/01; Received-10/10/01; 5x7 isp

Betty White (Mary Tyler Moore, Golden Girls)- PO Box 491965; Los Angeles, CA 90049; Sent-11/29/00; Received-12/14/00; 8x10 isp

Mae Whitman (Arrested Development, State of Grace)- TK Legacy JAG signed trading card

Valerie Wildman 1 (Days of Our Lives)- c/o Days (NLOTS); Sent-10/16/02; Received-12/20/02; 8x10 sp; personalized signed Xmas card
Valerie Wildman 2- In-person at Cabaret with the Wesleys on 6/1/01; 8x10 sp
Valerie Wildman 3- Daytime Unites signed t-shirt

Bergen Williams 1 (General Hospital)- In-person at Brunch with the Quartermaines on 8/24/03; inscribed signed book
Bergen Williams 2- c/o GH; ABC-TV; 4151 Prospect Ave; Los Angeles, CA 90027; Sent-8/31/03; Received-11/24/03; 8x10 sp; personalized signed note

Genelle Williams (Warehouse 13)- Rittenhouse Archives Warehouse 13 Season 2 signed trading card

Olivia Williams (Dollhouse)- Rittenhouse Archives X-Men 3 signed trading card

Alicia Leigh Willis (General Hospital)- c/o GH (NLOTS); Sent-9/29/01; Received-3/1/02; 8x10 sp; letter

Sheree J. Wilson (Walker Texas Ranger)- c/o Walker Texas Ranger (show cancelled); Sent-11/29/00; Received-1/28/03; 8x10 sp

Hattie Winston (Homefront)- c/o Becker (show cancelled); Sent-3/8/01; Received-5/3/01; 8x10 sp; typed note

Julia Winter (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory)- Artbox Charlie & the Chocolate Factory signed trading card

Alfre Woodard (Desperate Housewives)- Rittenhouse Archives Star Trek: Movies signed trading card

Bonnie Wright 1 (Harry Potter series)- Artbox Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban signed trading card
Bonnie Wright 2- Artbox World of Harry Potter 3-D signed trading card

Deanna Wright (Passions)- Daytime Unites signed t-shirt



Raya Yarbrough (Singer)- In-person at San Diego Comic Con on 7/29/09; signed cd cover


Natalie Zea (Passions)- Daytime Unites signed t-shirt

Jacklyn Zeman (General Hospital)- c/o GH; ABC-TV; 4151 Prospect Ave; Los Angeles, CA 90027; Sent-4/17/02; Received-5/21/02; 8x10 isp; signed note

Arianne Zuker 1 (Days of Our Lives)- Daytime Unites signed t-shirt
Arianne Zuker 2- In-person at the Days Salem Stalker Premiere on 10/28/03; signed Days cookbook
Arianne Zuker 3- c/o Days (NLOTS); Sent-3/22/01; Received-3/20/04; 4x6 pp
Arianne Zuker 4- In-person at NBC Fan Fest at Universal CityWalk on 3/20/04; 5x7 sp
Arianne Zuker 5- In-person at the Days Charity Basketball Game in Pasadena, CA on 5/30/08; signed shirt

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