Days of Our Lives Letters

All of these actors and actresses were reached via this address:
c/o Days of Our Lives; NBC Studios; 3000 W. Alameda Ave; Burbank, CA 91523
Each of the people listed provided something after receiving a fan letter (and SASE, in almost all cases) from me. My successes are as follows:

Ackles, Jensen (ex-Eric Brady)-5x7 postcard; fan club information; note; fact sheet (4/30/00-5/30/00)
Ashford, Matthew (ex-Jack Deveraux)-8x10 isp; fan club info (3/7/01-11/15/04)
Beemer, Brandon (ex-Shawn-Douglas Brady)-6x9 isp; note (12/14/06-3/5/07)
Benson, Ashley (ex-Abby Deveraux)-8x10 isp; note (1/23/07-4/5/08)
Bjorlin, Nadia (ex-Chloe Lane)-5x7 isp; signed letter (11/1/00-4/17/01)
Blackwood, Steve (ex-Bart Biederbicke)-8x10 isp; fan club (10/30/00-11/29/01)
Brandt, Kyle (ex-Philip Kiriakis)-8x10 isp (7/28/03-11/29/03)
Brooks, Darin (ex-Max Brady)-5x7 pp; note (1/23/07-3/6/07)
Cedeno, Matt (ex-Brandon Walker)-8x10 isp; fan club; fact sheet (11/1/00-2/7/01)
Clark, Christie (ex-Carrie Brady)- 5x7 pp; note (12/14/06-12/29/06)
Clatterbuck, Tamara (ex-Barb Reiber)-8x10 isp; signed personalized note (7/20/01-10/15/01)
Cook, Jason (ex-Shawn-Douglas Brady)-5x7 sp; letter (3/15/01-9/18/01)
Darbo, Patrika (ex-Nancy Wesley)-8x10 isp; signed personalized letter (10/30/00-11/28/00)
Dattilo, Bryan (Lucas Horton)-8x10 isp; letter; photo sheet; fan club (2/7/01-6/1/04)
Evans, Judi (ex-Bonnie Lockhart/Adrienne Johnson)-8x10 isp; signed note on envelope (3/12/04-4/2/04)
Fath, Farah (ex-Mimi Lockhart)-8x10 isp; fact sheet; signed letter (11/1/00-11/14/00)
Gerse, Christopher (ex-Will Roberts)-8x10 isp (3/12/04-4/19/04)
Hall, Andrea (ex-Hattie Adams)-5x7 isp; letter (10/24/00-1/2/01)
Hall, Deidre (Marlena Evans)-5x7 pp postcard (4/3/00-6/10/00)
Hayes, Bill (Doug Williams)-8x10 isp signed w/Susan Seaforth Hayes (10/30/00-11/16/00)
Hayes,Susan Seaforth (Julie Williams)-8x10 isp (10/30/00-11/16/00)
Hogestyn, Drake (John Black)-5x7 pp; fan club (4/3/00-5/10/00)
Hutzler, Brody (ex-Patrick Lockhart)- 8x10 isp; signed note; photo sheet (3/15/04-6/14/04)
Johnson, Jay Kenneth (ex-Philip Kiriakis)-5x7 sp (11/1/00-2/21/01)
Jones, Renee (ex-Lexie Carver)-4x6 isp; fact sheet (11/4/00-4/9/01)
Koslow, Lauren (Kate Roberts)-8x10 isp; fact sheet; fan club (11/6/00-6/13/01)
Lindell, Heather (ex-Jan Spears)-8x10 isp; note (10/15/04-11/1/04)
Lowder, Kyle (ex-Brady Black)-5x7 sp; signed letter (3/15/01-4/25/01)
Madison, Martha (ex-Belle Black)-8x10 isp; signed letter (10/9/04-10/30/04)
Mascolo, Joseph (Stefano DiMera)-8x10 isp; personalized letter (10/24/00-11/23/00)
McCay, Peggy (Caroline Brady)-3x5 sp; fan club; signed personalized letter (10/27/00-5/10/01)
Melvey, Justin (ex-Colin Murphy)-8x10 isp; fan club (10/31/02-1/13/03)
Melvin, Rachel (ex-Chelsea Brady)- 8x10 isp; note (2/8/07-4/28/07)
Olson, Heather Lauren (ex-Jan Spears)-8x10 isp; fact sheet (9/25/01-11/26/01)
Penghlis, Thaao (ex-Tony DiMera)-8x10 sp (7/31/02-1/15/03)
Reeves, Melissa (Jennifer Deveraux)-4x6 isp; letter; fact sheet (10/25/00-4/16/01)
Rogers, Suzanne (Maggie Horton)-8x10 isp; signed personalized letter (10/30/00-11/24/00)
Storms, Kirsten (ex-Belle Black)-8x10 isp; fact sheet; favorites (4/3/00-9/15/00)
Sweeney, Alison (Sami Brady)-6x9 pp; fan club (4/3/00-10/10/00)
Thorpe, Alexis (ex-Cassie)-5x7 pp; fan club (9/6/02-4/15/03)
Utay, William (ex-Wilhem Rolf)-5x7 isp (11/6/00-1/16/01)
Wildman, Valerie (ex-Fay Walker)-8x10 sp; personalized signed Xmas card (10/16/02-12/20/02)
Winter, Eric (ex-Rex)-8x10 isp; signed note; favorites (9/6/02-1/21/03)
Zuker, Arianne (Nicole Walker)-5x7 pp (3/22/01-3/20/04)