General Hospital/Port Charles Letters

All of these actors and actresses were reached via this address:
c/o General Hospital or Port Charles (show cancelled); ABC-TV; 4151 Prospect Ave; Los Angeles, CA 90027
Each of the people listed provided something after receiving a fan letter (and SASE, in almost all cases) from me. My successes are as follows:

Anderson, Bradford (Damian Spinelli)-8x10 isp (4/24/07-1/2/08)
Brannon, Chad (ex-Zander Smith)-4x6 pp postcard (6/28/01-7/21/01)
Braun, Tamara (ex-Carly Corinthos)-8x10 isp; fan club (4/25/02-10/31/02)
Buchanan, Jensen (ex-Melissa Bedford)-signed letter (2/5/01-11/28/01); received 8x10 isp &a signed letter from her on 5/23/02 (not requested)
Charleson, Leslie (Monica Quartermaine)-8x10 isp; personalized signed letter (2/12/02-3/19/02)
Christopher, Robin (ex-Skye Chandler-Quartermaine)-8x10 isp; note (4/29/02-11/26/02)
Christopher, Tyler (Nikolas Cassadine)-8x10 sp; note (6/25/03-8/7/03)
Damon, Stuart (ex-Alan Quartermaine)-8x10 isp; note (4/17/02-4/23/03)
Gaskill, Brian (ex-Rafe Kovich-PC)-5x7 isp (3/21/02-5/7/02)
Grahn, Nancy Lee (Alexis Davis)-letter (8/31/01-12/29/01); 6x9 isp; signed note (4/25/02-7/1/02)
Hearst, Rick (ex-Ric Lansing)-8x10 isp; note (1/14/03-5/13/03)
Herbst, Rebecca (Elizabeth Webber)-8x10 isp; fan club (8/20/01-9/27/01)
Ingle, John (Edward Quartermaine)-8x10 isp; signed note (5/31/02-8/2/02)
King, Ted (ex-Lorenzo Alcazar/ex-Luis Alcazar)-8x10 isp (10/16/03-3/2/04)
Kurth, Wally (ex-Ned Ashton)-8x10 isp; fan club; Kurth & Taylor cd flyer (8/31/01-10/2/01)
Lee, Anna (ex-Lila Quartermaine)-4x6 pp; note (10/22/02-10/29/02)
Letherman, Lindze (ex-Georgie Jones)-8x10 sp; note (5/24/03-7/21/03)
Lindstrom, Jon Robert (ex-Kevin Collins)-8x10 isp (9/6/01-2/27/02)
Livingston, Natalia (ex-Emily Quartermaine)-signed letter (6/25/03-8/22/03); 8x10 isp (received on 3/23/04)
Newman, Jaime Ray (ex-Kristina Cassadine)-8x10 sp; letter (9/29/01-3/1/02)
Nichols, Stephen (ex-Stefan Cassadine)-4x6 sp (2); note; merchandise sheet (9/6/01-10/31/01)
Presley, Brian (ex-Jack Ramsey-PC)-8x10 sp (8/20/01-4/17/02)
Preston, Cynthia (ex-Faith Roscoe)-8x10 isp (4/16/03-5/13/03)
Richards, Robyn (ex-Maxie Jones)-8x10 isp (6/2/03-10/22/03)
Shriner, Kin (ex-Scott Baldwin)-4x6 pp (5/31/02-6/30/02)
Tamblyn, Amber (ex-Emily Quartermaine)-8x10 isp; fact sheet (6/28/01-9/20/01)
Towers, Constance (ex-Helena Cassadine)- 8x10 isp; signed note (9/29/01-5/28/08)
Vaughan, Greg (ex-Lucky Spencer)-8x10 isp; signed letter; fan club (6/13/03-9/5/03)
Wagner, Kristina (ex-Felicia Jones)-8x10 sp (8/15/02-12/6/02); 8x10 sp (received on 6/9/03-did not ask for it)
Warlock, Billy (ex-A.J. Quartermaine)-4x6 pp (4/27/02-9/8/02)
Williams, Bergen (Big Alice)-8x10 isp; signed personalized note (8/31/03-11/17/03)
Willis, Alicia Leigh (ex-Courtney Matthews)-8x10 isp (3/30/02-4/12/02)
York, John J. (Mac Scorpio)-8x10 isp (4/26/07-6/28/07)
Zeman, Jacklyn (Bobbie Spencer)-8x10 isp; personalized signed letter (4/17/02-5/21/02)