Other Soap Opera Letters

All of these actors and actresses were reached via show addresses.
Each of the people listed provided something in return after receiving a fan letter (and SASE, in almost all cases) from me. My successes are as follows:

As the World Turns
Byrne, Martha (ex-Lily Walsh Snyder/ex-Rose D'Angelo)-8x10 isp (6/28/01-8/24/01)
Colombino, Terri (ex-Katie Peretti Frasier)-8x10 isp; note (9/5/01-12/11/01)
Kay, Lesli (ex-Molly Conlan McKinnon)-8x10 sp; note (3/12/01-6/22/01) [received pp postcard from her on 1/3/03]
Leyden, Paul (ex-Simon Frasier)-8x10 sp; note (9/4/01-10/29/01)
Rotondi, Todd (ex-Bryant Montgomery)-8x10 isp; 2 page note (8/20/01-10/30/01)

All My Children
Dusay, Marj (ex-Vanessa Cortlandt)-5x7 sp (2/2/02-6/3/02)
Mattson, Robin (ex-Janet Dillon)-4x6 spc; fan club information (12/16/00-1/26/00)

Bold & the Beautiful
Buxton, Sarah (ex-Morgan DeWitt)-8x10 isp; personalized note (5/3/01-7/14/01)
Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley Abbott)-8x10 isp (5/10/07-11/7/07)
Kanan, Sean (Deacon Sharpe)-8x10 isp; signed note; favorites (8/3/01-1/15/02)

Guiding Light
Chappell, Crystal (ex-Olivia Spencer)-8x10 isp; note (5/23/07-8/9/07)
Tognoni, Gina (ex-Dinah Marler)-8x10 isp; note (1/7/07-1/18/07)

One Life to Live
Strasser, Robin (ex-Dorian Cramer Lord)-8x10 isp; 5x7 isp; note (4/1/04-6/24/05)
Ver Dorn, Jerry (ex-Clint Buchanan)-8x10 isp; 4x8 isp; signed note (4/26/07-5/14/07)
Watkins, Tuc (ex-David Vickers-Buchanan)-8x10 isp (4/1/04-4/23/04)

Evans, Josh Ryan (ex-Timmy)-8x10 isp (11/13/00-12/7/00)
Masters, Ben (ex-Julian Crane)-8x10 isp (3/19/01-3/31/01)
Mills, Juliet (ex-Tabitha Lenox)-8x10 sp (9/29/01-12/20/01)
Sparks, Dana (ex-Grace Bennett)-8x10 isp (10/30/01-8/19/02)
Ulrich, Kim Johnston (ex-Ivy Crane)-5x7 sp (3/19/01-3/9/02)
Westmore, McKenzie (ex-Sheridan Crane)-5x7 isp (9/29/01-10/10/01)

Young & the Restless
West, Maura (ex-Diane Jenkins)-5x7 pp (10/16/10-7/23/11)